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  • Does Tuning affect the health of my vehicle?
    Yes and No. It depends on how the tune is written as well as the tuners capabilities. We offer a premium tuning service that includes a complete summary of what has been altered in your vehicle's ECU (Engine Control Unit). The method to increasing power is a mix of accurate AFR's (Air to Fuel Ratio), ignition timing, boost & torque limiters, stable EGT levels (Exhaust Gas Temperatures) and controlled backpressure. With the perfect combination this will result in increased power and torque, improved fuel consumption and enriched longevity of the engine.
  • Will any bolt-on modifications (i.e intake, intercooler, exhaust system) increase my cars performance without a tune?"
    The ECU of a motor controls the amount of air and fuel that enters the system by monitoring values seen by the engines MAF/MAP sensors. If these sensors detect a significant increase of air entering the engine via the intake, the ECU automatically adjusts its values within a specific tolerance to compensate for these increased parameters. This simply means that the ECU restricts most of the gains provided by bolt on modifications. Some modifications such as turbochargers, larger injectors and catalytic converters can dramatically change air and fuel mixtures, often resulting in engine lights or dangerous performance levels which are beyond the ECU's correction limits. In order to expand these parameters safely, we highly recommend tuning to suit the changes made to the vehicle.
  • What benefits will remapping have on my vehicle?
    • The benefits of a custom tune start with the improved fuel efficiency, as we are able to remove unnecessary fuel in certain areas of the rev range and add fuel at specific engine rpm • Increased power and torque from the revised ignition, boost, torque & fuel/ air adjustments • Improved longevity of the engine and it's components as refined fuel and air mixtures decrease the rate of carbon buildup and high EGT's
  • What sort of vehicles can be tuned?
    Almost anything! We have the ability to tune almost any engine that has an ECU. Ranging from everyday commuters to race cars, heavy truck vehicles and even jet skis!
  • How long will it take?
    Our custom mapping is undertaken in house at ARI Performance and time frames can start from 4-5 hours. Some vehicles require dyno tuning for more specific setups which can take 1-2 days to complete. Vehicles that require a more advanced tuning process may see increased timeframes, due to the ECU development required.

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