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Two versions of this clutch kit can be made to suit your application

First option is a organic HD clutch disc which is perfect for street and track

Second option is a 5 puck brass button clutch disc which is for racing use

Both clutches can fit onto a factory dual mass or our single mass flywheel


• Custom Made In Sydney

• Race Proven & Track Tested

• 500hp+ Capable

• Lightweight & Quality Materials


OEM Organic Clutch Specs

750kg Clamping Force

Single Plate Straps

OEM Flywheel Specs

9.6kg Total Weight

Dual Piece Cast Iron & Steel Centre



ARI Organic Clutch Specs

950kg Clamping Force

Triple Plate Straps

Improved Organic Material


ARI Brass Button Clutch Specs

1100kg Clamping Force

Triple Plate Straps

5 Kevlar Puck Design


ARI Single Mass Flywheel Specs

4kg Total Weight

Single Piece Billet 321ss

Balanced & Machined






Commonly Asked Questions

Which clutch do I pick if i only track once or twice a year?

Organic, it can handle track abuse while still providing great drivability

Which clutch should I pick if I track frequently but I also daily drive the car?

Organic, an organic clutch is much easier to drive with a OEM like feel

Is it normal for the brass button to make noise?

Yes, they can cause rattles at idle and vibrations during gearchanges which is totally normal. The kevlar puck design has zero forgiveness to the vibrations caused by the power transfer through the gearbox. This is also another reason as to why we recommend this clutch for race only.

What are the advantages of picking the single mass over the dual mass?

Our single mass flywheels have zero movement as it is machined as a solid piece of metal, it can also be re-surfaced when a new clutch is installed and the reduced weight lets our little 1.4's rev a lot smoother and faster. No downsides to this upgrade.

ARI 1.4L TJET Clutch & Single Mass Kits

  •  Please advise custom orders will take up to 2-4 weeks (not including shipping)


    ** Items that require Ceramic Coating will add an additional 7-14 days**


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