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A Catch Can is designed to sit between two points of an engine – the head of the engine and the intake. The purpose of this product is to collect the oil and oil vapours between these two points. A Catch Can, installed correctly in one of two ways, redirects these oil vapours to the atmosphere OR back into the intake without the build up of excessive oil.


This is beneficial in the short and long term lifespan of an engine and other componants such as turbochargers and sensors, as the build up of oil on these parts may lead to malfunctions.


This Can has been designed specifically for the Abarth 124 and features:

• High quality 247 fittings and hose in –10 size

• Equally matched –10 dual ports on the Catch Can

• 1" atmospheric outlet with a K&N or Aeroflow filter

• Factory mounting position with no modifications needed to fit

    ARI Catch Can Kit

    SKU: 1
    •  Please advise custom orders will take up to 2-4 weeks (not including shipping)


      ** Items that require Ceramic Coating will add an additional 7-14 days**


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